Third Place Pop-Up Gallery

Bored by community meetings? How about going to one that is fun, engaging, and still productive? Perhaps by taking over an empty storefront and stocking it with performances by local artists and ping pong! The “third place” is a sociological term used in the concept of community building. The first place is home and second is the workplace. Third places are anchors of community life and facilitate and foster broader, more creative interaction.

The Create Place team’s pop-up galleries combined many of the other engagement strategies, but also added a few things: an informal drop-in structure, live performances by local musicians, and projected photos of other responses that participants could react to. How can you convert your community meeting into a true third place?

Many thanks to the musicians that helped bring our pop-up gallery to life:
Storyteller Jamela Pettiford
Pianist Peter Moua
The Other Country Ensemble: Scott Niemen (Greek bouzouki/bass bouzouki), David Stenshoel, (violin), Stephen Spaise (ethnic percussion)

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