Community Think Tank

These are a diverse, non-hierarchical group of people from the community that come together to discuss issues important to that community. Rather than a panel of “experts” it is comprised of folks that normally may not be invited to be part of a community process, such as a teenager, a person experiencing homelessness, a recent immigrant or anyone who feels disenfranchised in some way. A key question in the city making process is finding a way to get people to the table that normally would not be there. The group discusses issues in an organic manner without a leader or agenda, in a way that works for the group.

The Create Place team partnered with the Breakfast Club, a weekly gathering of community members that results in organic, in-depth, personal, and open, community-led discussion. Topics range weekly and have included subjects such as racism, activism, relationships, the arts, violence, religion,  money, work, and substance abuse. It is not unusual for a natural evolution of drumming, music, or spoken word to occur. The Breakfast Club gathers every Saturday. All are welcome.

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