CityMaking Jeopardy

Everyone loves to play games! CityMaking Jeopardy is a mobile gameboard that draws participants in with its spectacle nature. Asking someone if they want to play Jeopardy instead of asking them if they want to participate in city planning has a much a different attraction while getting at the same information. Four categories related to the planning process are listed on the top of the board. The questions on the board are selected from a list generated by other community members during previous engagements. Participants are asked to select a category that they are drawn to. All of the questions listed under that category are read aloud and the participant is asked to select the question that resonates with them. A conversation is had based on the question to get to the core of the issue, solution or answer. This is then recorded on a chalkboard with a photo. Participants receive a sticker that says “This is our City” or “I am a Creative CityMaker” in exchange for their participation.

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