Aster Nebro

Through this process I have learned there is still lots of work to do, on the north side of Minneapolis, with regards to race, class and gender.  As an Ethiopian woman married to an African American man, I’ve noticed how the city making process is vital to undoing much of the issues.

The people in our neighborhood were extremely receptive and excited to tell their own stories during this process, instead of having the dominant narrative attempt to retell and undermine them.  For there is power in being in charge of ones own story.

To be able to share these stories as a witness to our narrative and our socio-economic divide in the city.

This, I feel, can bring about the necessary healing we need.  Healing as an alternative to the present living condition and also to begin to walk the path of true democracy, that the city and country desperately needs.

—Aster Nebro, The Breakfast Club

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